Great Lakes Learning Academy Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the enrollment process?

Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA) enrollment begins once you have registered through our online learning management system. Once registered, you will provide the necessary information and documents to enroll. Proceed to your school’s enrollment page to get started!

How are courses chosen for my students once we are enrolled?

Great Lakes Learning Academy’s Academic Placement Services team uses academic records to place students in courses that are the best fit for them.

What is the maximum student enrollment per household at at Great Lakes Learning Academy?

Great Lakes Learning Academy is comfortable with a ratio of 4:1 (four children to one Learning Coach). An additional adult serving as Learning Coach is recommended for more than 4 students in a household. In the event that the additional adult is not a parent or legal guardian, a Designated Learning Coach Agreement must be completed by both the parent/legal guardian and Designated Learning Coach.

How do I find out whether or not my child may be eligible to attend Great Lakes Learning Academy?

Check the eligibility page to find the following:

  • Grades offered.
  • The age that a child must be to start school in your state.
  • The acceptable proof of age documents in your state.
  • Any geographical restrictions for attending in your state.
  • The acceptable proof of residency documents in your state.
  • Restrictions for submitting immunization documentation.
  • Types of immunizations (shots) your student must have for enrollment.
  • Prior public schooling limitations.
  • Supporting documentation.
  • Types of documentation that may apply to your student that may need to be submitted.

What do you mean by the term ``Learning Coach``?

The term “Learning Coach” is used to represent the role that the enrolling parent/guardian plays in the student’s educational experience. The enrolling parent/guardian chooses to serve as the “Learning Coach” which may include working closely with the teacher to ensure assignments are completed, schedules are met, and students are engaged and motivated. The parent/guardian may designate another trusted adult to act as a Learning Coach by completing the Designated Learning Coach online form.

If I enroll my student in Great Lakes Learning Academy will I be able to log in at anytime to do school work or only during normal school hours?

You will have access to our learning management system, at any time of the day including weekends and holiday breaks. This level of flexibility helps you to design a learning day that works best for your family. High school students have a more defined schedule and are required to log in to the LMS at specific times during the day to attend live lessons and participate in activities with classmates.

What is the secret to success at Great Lakes Learning Academy?

Communication is the most important element in succeeding with online learning. If you or your student experience any problems along the way, contact us immediately. Many kinds of support are available for students and families, including enrollment help, computer/technical support, academic assistance, and school counselor support. We are ready and willing to assist you—give us a call or send us a WebMail message. Communication is key throughout your entire experience with Great Lakes Learning Academy.

Why is the virtual enrollment process different from a physical school?

Local schools serve one district. Great Lakes Learning Academy serves students from multiple districts statewide. Not all districts statewide accept the same documentation.

Why does a virtual or cyber school need documents such as the immunization record to process my student?

Great Lakes Learning Academy operates like any other public school. Therefore, our school must comply with the same state regulations. Specific documents are required for all enrolling students.

Why is academic documentation requested for my student?

During the enrollment process, submission of academic documentation such as a report card, unofficial transcript, schedule, or current progress report, helps to ensure that your student has an accurate and personalized course placement to start with Great Lakes Learning Academy.

How do I obtain copies of my student's records from their previous school?

As a parent/legal guardian you may request copies of the student’s most recent report card or unofficial transcript and IEP documentation from their file. DO NOT withdraw from your current school or request a complete copy of the student’s cumulative file prior to completing the enrollment process, as this information will be requested from the student’s previous school upon completion of the enrollment process.

How long will it take to complete the enrollment process?

That depends on you. The sooner you complete online enrollment forms and submit the required documents, the sooner your student will be enrolled. It typically takes two weeks or more to complete the entire enrollment process.

TIP: Log in to your caretaker homepage daily to review the student’s enrollment status and the verification of documents you submit.

What can I do to complete the enrollment process faster?

Our process is streamlined to minimize any inconvenience to you while still meeting state regulations. Refer to the Enrollment Instructions document for some tips to help you keep the process moving.

How should I verify that the documents I sent arrived?

After submitting your documents, you can navigate to the Submit Documents section located in the Enrollment Details. There you can see if your documents have been verified or are still waiting to be processed. The Enrollment Details will also show if your file was marked invalid and your document will be removed so that you can upload a new document. If you are unable to verify the status of your documents or have any questions, please call (517) 451-3021 and contact the Enrollment Team using the document submission option in our phone system. We will check the system to see if the document was received. Please be prepared to provide us with the following information: student’s name, number of pages sent, the date sent, and if sent by fax, the fax number.

Once I complete the steps to confirm my student’s enrollment, how long do I wait to withdraw from my local school?

After you have confirmed your student’s enrollment with Great Lakes Learning Academy, you should withdraw your child from your previous/local school immediately—preferably the same day. Delaying withdrawal could result in confusion, extra documentation, or cancellation of enrollment.

Do not withdraw your student before confirming your student’s enrollment, as this may result in additional documentation being required (e.g. report card). Delays in submitting these documents could result in delays starting school.

I need to change my student’s name, who do I contact?

In order to update a parent or student name, GLLA will need a copy of the legal name change documentation such as an amended birth certificate, marriage certificate or court order. Please submit this documentation to the Enrollment Department. If students use a preferred name and/or gender that differs from the legal name and gender, you can reach out to your school counselor or principal to make that request once students become enrolled.

How can I change my address and other contact information?

You can change your information by logging into the LMS. On your caretaker homepage, click on the “Change Contact Information” link. Or, you can notify the student’s teacher who can submit the change for you.