Five questions about GLLA Answered

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five questions about glla answered

To those of you who are new to the online school environment, welcome to Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA). We’ve gathered the five most commonly asked questions and answered them all right here in this post! Check them out below.

1. Do I Qualify for GLLA?

The answer is usually, “Yes!” Most likely, you qualify for GLLA. In order to attend, students must be Michigan residents in grades 6–12. Enrolling is simple as well. To get started, head here and fill out the application.

2. What do online school classes look like?

At GLLA, you can say goodbye to heavy textbooks and long hours crammed in a chaotic classroom. Instead, enjoy the comfort of your home or get some fresh air at a coffee shop! As long as you have a laptop and an Internet connection, you can study wherever you want. And don’t worry about the laptop. We can supply a Chromebook to any student during their enrollment with GLLA. Learn more here.

Beyond that, GLLA isn’t your typical online school. Our courses are designed specifically for you! Instead of being stuck reading PDFs and PowerPoints, we keep you engaged through our 100% online, fully-accredited curriculum, with practice workbooks, animated lessons and much more.

3. How will I communicate with my teachers?

GLLA has highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to providing personalized support. You will be able to contact your teachers via email, phone calls and messaging. In many cases, our students report that they communicate with their teachers more here than in a traditional school setting.

4. Will I get to interact with classmates?

At GLLA, we provide several opportunities to connect with classmates and make friends. We have several online student clubs. Participate in a coding challenge, create poetic word art, compete in a chess tournament: These activities can all be a part of the well-rounded student experience at Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA).

We also hold field trips, school events and have eSports Teams! There are so many ways to connect with classmates, making friends is no problem at all with GLLA. You can learn more about socializing at GLLA here.

5. How much does online school cost?

This question is often asked, and the answer is two great words: tuition free! GLLA is free to all 6–12th grade students in the state of Michigan.

With a fully-accredited, 100% online curriculum and amazing teachers, GLLA is the best way to learn online and enjoy and individualized education.

It’s not too late to make the switch! Enroll today!

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