Five ways to explore Michigan this summer

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Great Lakes Learning Academy Enjoy Your Summer

Parents and students: you did it! You made it through the school year, and that was no easy feat! Sending virtual high fives your way! 🙌

As the weather warms up and we can enjoy a bit of sun, it’s good to know what’s open in Michigan this summer to help you go have some adventure.

You don’t have to spend much money at all to have a great summer. We’re lucky to live in a beautiful state that we think is worth exploring. Maybe you’ll recognize some of these places and hopefully, some are new so you can have adventures before we start school back up this Fall.

Five Ideas for Exploring Michigan This Summer

1. Have a picnic!

There are 104 state parks in Michigan. So, that offers a fun challenge: How many will you explore this summer? See how many parks you can hit up in the state!

A few great picnic spots:

  • Furstenberg Nature Area—Arbor
  • Clark Lake Park—Clarklake
  • Sunset Point—Detroit
  • Lemery Park—Wyoming
  • Spring Lake Park—Emmett County
  • Winter Cove Picnic Area—Oakland Charter Township


2. See how many hikes you can accomplish before fall starts

There are more than 13,000 miles of hiking trails in Michigan. Considering there’s actually more hiking than you could possibly fit in in one summer, this is a great way to explore, enjoy nature and get some exercise in.

If you don’t hike much, you’ll probably want to get in shape first. We tried to find a few more beginner trails to start out with, then work your way through the harder trails, maybe in the Great Lakes?

A few simpler trails to start:

  • Penosha Trail—Brighton
  • Ironwood Hiking Trails—Washington
  • Eagle Run Hiking Trail—Oscoda
  • Empire Bluff Trail—Leelanau County

3. Enjoy some of the world’s best fudge (in our opinion) at Mackinac Island

We’re pretty lucky to be able to be a tourist without leaving our state. With horse-drawn carriages, rich history and amazing fudge: What’s not to love about Mackinac Island?

If you aren’t familiar with the island, it does not allow vehicles, which means it is filled with bikers and horse-drawn carriages. It will make you feel like you’re back in time combining the horses with historic Victorian-style homes.

And again, amazing fudge. Need we say more?

4. Have a family or friend dinner and movie costume night

If traveling doesn’t sound appealing (or possible), this idea is so much fun. Grab your family or friends and have a dinner movie night. Pick a movie, like The Avengers, and have everyone dress up as one of the characters. Then, make food that goes with the theme, like maybe shawarma for Avengers? Or Harry Potter and homemade butter beer; whatever you can think up, do it!

5.Visit a lighthouse

OK, one more outdoor activity idea. But why not when it’s such nice weather outside? There are 92 lighthouses in Michigan. So, once you’ve finished those 13,000 miles in hiking and visited all 104 state parks, try this out!

A few great locations:

  • Crisp Point— Paradise
  • Granite Island Lighthouse—Marquette
  • Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and Museum—Eagle Harbor
  • William G. Milliken State Park Lighthouse—Detroit


We hope you have a great summer. Remember, enrollment for the 22-23 school year is still open! You can get started here.

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