GLLA accepted as member of a new NAEA cohort to better alternative education

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Here at Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA), we strive to provide a unique and personalized education so students can have more choices in their schooling without sacrificing quality.

The National Alternative Education Association (NAEA) is a nationally renowned organization set out to “provide a nationally unified voice of advocacy for students in alternative/non-traditional schools,” as their mission statement says. They hold a national conference for educators and administrators alike each year. Recently, our very own Principal Kelli Marcus attended the conference and applied for GLLA to join the new inaugural cohort on Exemplary Practices.

Several schools throughout the country applied for this, and we are excited to say that GLLA was accepted!

This means that we’ve been recognized as a quality alternative school, and that we have the opportunity to not only better ourselves, but to help other schools throughout the country!

“I applied at the NAEA annual conference as a long shot, and it was so exciting to receive the acceptance letter,” said Principal Marcus. “GLLA is proud to be a member of a new cohort that will shape the future of alternative education for the better.”

What makes GLLA unique from traditional schools?

As an online school, we are a bit different from the traditional brick and mortar. Here are some benefits to GLLA:

1. Multimedia-rich, engaging curriculum

We offer a curriculum unlike any other in the state of Michigan. Our online curriculum is filled with engaging videos, quizzes, graphics and other materials that not only make the platform easy to use, but helps our students enjoy what they’re learning. To learn more about our curriculum, head here.

2. 100% online to study when and where you choose

As you know, we are an online school. This offers flexibility for students to choose when and where they learn. There are assignments to complete each day, of course, but there is a little more control over your day. This is necessary for some students who have illnesses, family obligations, work a part-time job or even for dedicated athletes and performers.

3. Teachers who provide personalized support

The work teachers do everywhere is incredible, there’s no denying that. But oftentimes, we find that our students communicate more with their teachers here than they did at their traditional schools. Here’s why:

Teachers are not juggling 35+ students class period to class period at GLLA. They also don’t stress as much with lesson planning, because the curriculum is written. Our teachers have a few virtual class sessions a day, and then the rest of their day is dedicated to reaching out to students in need. Getting help from a teacher at GLLA is as simple as sending a chat through the system, or an email, or a phone call, or even a text sometimes. In addition, teachers have real-time access to data, so it’s simple for them to go through submitted assignments and see where the class may be struggling, and which students could benefit from an additional class session.

Interested in learning more about GLLA? You can get started here.

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