Meet Anthony Kruckeberg, former Blackhawk pilot turned educator

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Soldiers holding American flag in font of black hawk helicopter

Our students are our top priority at Great Lakes Learning Academy. We work to ensure that our students feel confident, supported and motivated each and every day, and we do so with the help of our committed team.

Anthony Kruckeberg, a veteran who spent decades piloting Blackhawk helicopters, retired his combat boots after dedicating 25 years to the Army. Today, Anthony serves as GLLA’s school board president as well as a substitute teacher.

During his time in the Army, Anthony completed seven missions overseas and took on a mentorship role among his fellow soldiers. When Anthony was forced to retire at the age of 42 for medical reasons, his natural leadership led him to education, where he discovered another avenue to be a mentor.

Since his appointment as board president in 2020, Anthony has become a vital member of the GLLA community. His commitment to education and GLLA students shows not only in the board room, but also in his spare time. Anthony is currently enrolled at Michigan State University, where he is expected to graduate in spring 2022 with a teaching degree.

Outside of education, Anthony continues to provide guidance and mentorship to other veterans. He also coaches multiple youth sports teams, further demonstrating his passion for working with children in the community.

At Great Lakes Learning Academy, a school that reaches thousands of students across Michigan, we’re committed to providing our students with positive and impactful leadership. Anthony is just one of our many staff members who goes above and beyond to empower and inspire our students.

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