Middle School Gifted and Talented Program

At Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA), the personalized approach to learning helps gifted and talented students thrive. The gifted program in online middle school combines accelerated courses with a personalized learning plan, allowing exceptional students to work above grade level and achieve their highest potential.

Enriched Learning

High-ability middle school students benefit from an accelerated learning pace, specially trained teachers, and an enriched curriculum. This program is designed specifically for gifted and talented middle school students to help them learn to think critically, communicate effectively, develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, and maximize their growing autonomy.

Geared for Growth

Great Lakes Learning Academy teachers recognize that gifted and talented middle school students, like all students their age, experience a wide range of growth rates in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development. To accommodate these changing needs, gifted and talented teachers customize lessons, drawing from many resources available through GLLA.

Male And Female Students Walking To High School
Two students studying together at university.

Challenging Studies

To keep gifted middle school students engaged, teachers deliver ongoing challenges with work at increasing degrees of difficulty and complexity, plus the support necessary for students to be successful. Students may have opportunities to take part in special group projects to develop their social skills or in independent assignments that allow them to pursue their personal interests in greater depth. Teachers often give students a voice in deciding whether they will apply key concepts to math-oriented, literature-based, hobby-related, science-oriented, or history-associated learning activities.

Personalized Options

With Great Lakes Learning Academy, gifted middle school students gain extra educational options. Depending on the state, gifted students may enroll either in advanced courses for all subjects offered or only in their areas of strength and interest. We also offer middle school gifted and talented programs for “twice exceptional” students, who are gifted but have additional special education needs.