GLLA Sixth Grade Curriculum

The online sixth grade classes at Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA) are developed so that students will have the opportunity to do more than just sit inside a classroom for hours a day. Our cyberschool curriculum and personalized, online learning approach gives your family more flexibility while empowering your child with the knowledge and skills needed for a strong future.

Cyberschool allows students to kick off their middle school experience in a fresh new way. By combining a variety of challenging online courses from our proven sixth grade curriculum with caring, certified teachers who can give students the attention they need, sixth grade students can enter a new stage of growth, discovery, and learning.

Sixth grade is a unique time for your children, and it’s important to help them establish solid learning and studying habits. Our online lessons explore literary genres while also helping students ponder ethical questions and practice their writing skills. They’ll also develop critical and statistical thinking, discover how science plays a part in their everyday lives, and learn more about ancient civilizations and American art.

Middle School Courses

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