Online High School Counselors

To help students rise to their full personal, academic, and professional potential, Great Lakes Learning Academy offers full-time, licensed school counselors and a robust counseling program.

Dedicated school counselors use their professional expertise to assist students with a wide range of situations such as:

Academic goal setting, scheduling, and planning

Career planning

College planning

Personal and social development

Helping Students Succeed

With master’s degrees and specialized training in developmental and educational psychology, our online school counselors have the expertise to assist high school students and to address the many personal, social, and academic issues that can have a significant impact on their success in school and in life.

At Great Lakes Learning Academy, our counseling program is built on relationships, so our counselors are available to give personal attention to students, parents, and families—online, in-person, and by phone. Support and expertise can also be provided from our national Great Lakes Learning Academy office and its collaborative network of school counselors across the United States.

Preparing Online Students for College and Career

Beyond their daily counseling activities, our school counselors offer services designed to help high school students prepare for college and career with:

  • Personal learning plans focusing on students’ goals after graduation
  • Interactive online sessions offering current information on financial aid and scholarships, college application processes, entrance requirements, and more
  • College test preparation courses for the SAT examinations
  • One-on-one counseling with seniors to provide resources and assistance with exploring and choosing career options, as well as researching and selecting the right vocational training or college

Meet Thanh Vo

Hi there and welcome! 🙂 My name is Ms. Vo, and I am one of the counselors here at GLLA. As a counselor, I am here to support you in your educational endeavors, listen to your concerns, and hopefully, have the honor of guiding you through whatever challenge you may face.

Shortly after graduating from Western Michigan University in 2005, I’d moved to Riverside, California, where I taught at University Heights Middle School for ten years. I then transitioned to John W. North High School as a counselor during the 2015-16 school year. (It only took me ten years to promote to high school, but I did it! 😉 I moved back to Michigan during the summer of 2018 to be closer to my family – who still reside in Holland, MI – and have been blessed to have found a home and family at GLLA!

I hope you are having an amazing day, week, month, school year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions/concerns. Let’s make 2019-20 the best school year yet!