Keeping Online School Students Connected

Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA) students are not just getting a high-quality education; they are part of a larger community of like-minded people. With our online sessions, students meet regularly with teachers and other students to share ideas, compare experiences, and enjoy the social aspect of learning together. We encourage students to choose the level of social interaction they’re comfortable with through online clubs or in their local communities.

Our online school program also allows students to interact with classmates and peers who share their interests as they participate in online school clubs and special events, which isn’t always an option with traditional homeschooling. In the online classroom and in online clubs, students have opportunities to engage in teamwork and develop communication skills and leadership.

Allowing Flexibility for Extracurriculars

Many Great Lakes Learning Academy students are actively involved with their local communities, which is why the scheduling flexibility offered through the GLLA program is so appealing. The flexible schedule may allow students to engage in more extracurricular activities and explore interests outside the classroom. This can help them build confidence and develop strong character.

Male Pupil In High School Art Class

Working with Families

GLLA believes that family participation in their student’s education is crucial. We recognize that each family has a different schedule, and our program gives parents and students more flexibility to modify the learning schedule to accommodate student needs and the family’s lifestyle. This flexibility also allows students to arrange their days so they can focus on family obligations as well as their interests in performing arts, athletics, volunteer projects, and more.

Parents who are active participants in their student’s education can have a big impact. At GLLA, parents have the option to fill the role of Learning Coach, which can include helping to keep their children on track and regularly communicating with teachers. They can connect online and in-person with teachers, school counselors, and other parents in these ways:

  • Parents can ask questions, get tips, and access resources by contacting their student’s advisory teacher using our secure email system or by phone/text. Many resources are available 24/7 via our Learning Management System so parents can find answers instantly, at any time.
  • Families also receive monthly school newsletters and quarterly district newsletters filled with pertinent and timely information.