Experience Virtual School Technology

Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA) delivers a high quality, accredited public education delivered directly to our students anywhere they have an internet connection. Students are no longer tied to the classroom, they can participate in public online schooling from anywhere by connecting to the internet.

Experience Education Like Never Before

At GLLA, our students have the most success when technology makes learning more relatable and fun. We’ve designed many of our online tools and resources with this in mind. We provide our proprietary interactive web tools, online lesson plans, and instruction and make it easy for students and parents to access our own internal email, community message boards, and much more.

Great Lakes Learning Academy technology has many positive aspects, including:

  • Providing virtual classroom sessions where teachers, students, and peers work together in a supportive and fun environment.
  • Offering students, teachers, parents, and peers many ways to connect with Great Lakes Learning Academy community.
  • Assisting students and meeting their needs as they work through state-approved curriculum.