Proven Michigan Virtual School Results

Can students get a high-quality education without setting foot in the classroom? Absolutely! Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA) students have made amazing accomplishments in learning and life, demonstrating that our nontraditional education program works.

While a student’s academic achievements are important, that’s only one part of the reason the GLLA program gets results. Our online school ratings also take into account how students and their families are thriving in this nontraditional environment and experiencing personal growth and satisfaction.

Praise for Great Lakes Learning Academy

Students with a strong support system at home tend to find more success at GLLA. Because parents are such an integral part of the education process, we offer parents the opportunity to express their thoughts openly through the annual parent survey. Once again, parents have given Great Lakes Learning Academy high ratings for the dedication and determination our staff and teachers show in helping our students succeed, both academically and emotionally.

Supportive Students