Wondering if GLLA really is the right fit? Here are some unique benefits at GLLA

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You belong at Great Lakes Learning Academy

As a caring parent, we know you’ve already done your research on finding the best option for your student. You might have even started the enrollment process with Great Lakes Learning Academy (GLLA). So, what’s holding you back?

If you didn’t know, GLLA offers some benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Here are some of them below!

Five Unique Benefits at Great Lakes Learning Academy

1. An award-winning digital curriculum that makes learning enjoyable

GLLA’s curriculum is unlike any other, and only available at GLLA in Michigan! We don’t require your student to sit and read PowerPoints or PDFs and hope they understand everything they read. We go beyond “traditional” online school to create an engaging, multimedia-rich curriculum so your child can truly grasp concepts and enjoy learning. Our curriculum has also won several awards.

Another important aspect of our curriculum: Its platform is extremely easy to use. You and your student do not need to be tech-savvy to understand how to use our virtual classroom. To learn more about our curriculum, head here.

2. An accredited, quality online education–with NCAA approved core classes

Not all online schools are created equal. GLLA offers a quality, fully accredited education so your student can graduate with a real diploma recognized by colleges, institutions and employers.  If your student is an athlete hoping to receive a college scholarship, NCAA approval is vital to their next steps toward their future, and GLLA supports them with core classes that are NCAA eligible.

To learn more about accreditation and NCAA approval, head here.

3. Several opportunities for your student to socialize and grow

If you think about how your student initially goes to talk to their friends, it’s likely digitally, right? They’ll message them or play a video game together. Socialization is great in person, but online school is no barrier to helping your student grow socially and emotionally.

GLLA offers several opportunities to socialize! We have online student clubs, in person or virtual field trips, eSports, collaborative class discussions, a yearbook and a formal graduation ceremony. To learn more, head here.

4. All GLLA teachers are highly qualified

Did you know there is a difference between state-certified and highly qualified in a subject area? State certification is one step to being a teacher, but to be highly qualified means the teacher took extra steps to test and prove competency in their subject area. It holds the teacher to both state and federal standards.

GLLA, we work to ensure our teachers are all highly qualified, experienced in online instruction. Most important, they’re dedicated to providing personalized support to each of their students.

5. Chromebooks supplied to any GLLA student in need

A laptop is, of course, necessary to complete online school. For students in need, we supply Chromebooks during their time enrolled with GLLA, so there is no need to worry about supplying resources as a parent. To learn more about supplied Chromebooks, head here.

Already Started Enrolling? Don’t Forget to Turn in Your Documents!

One of the last (but not least!) steps to enrolling is submitting all the required documents in order to enroll for GLLA. As a reminder, here’s what we will need for your student to start classes.

Documents needed to enroll:

  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of Michigan Residency
  • Immunization Records
  • Prior school transcript or report card (we can help you with this one if needed)!

Enrollment is still open for grades 6–12. Get Started Today!

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